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Prof. Jiandong Ding gave a plenary lecture in America and visited some famous American universities like Harvard University

Between July and August in 2012, Prof. Jiandong Ding visited America from the west to the east for academic exchange. This was the first visit to America for Prof. Ding.

Prof. Ding was invited to give a plenary lecture at the 4th International NanoBio Conference. After the reports many scholars including Alan Hoffman (an American academician) discussed vigorously with Prof. Ding.

By the way, Prof. Ding visited seven colleges and universities of America. They are Washington University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Cornell University and Columbia University.

(2012-07-31,in front of the poster of Prof. Robert Langer of MIT)

Prof. Ding was also invited to give reports in three ivies, including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. In these reports, Prof. Ding introduced the development of his group in the area of polymer materials. These reports caused severe repercussions. And the discussion in Harvard University even lasted 20 minutes.

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