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The Department of Macromolecular Science has carried out extensive academic exchange, developing international collaborations and influence. We have successfully organized many international and domestic academic meetings, forming an atmosphere of active academic exchange. We have formed close interrelationship with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Akron, California Institute of Technology, New York Polytechnic Institute, Research Center of Coatings of Eastern Michigan University, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Tokyo University, University of Toronto, Lorraine Polytechnic University and many other world famous polymer research institutes. We have also established bilateral visiting or student exchange programs with National Taiwan University, Kyoto University, Yamagata University, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Connecticut.

China-France Polymer Symposium Held in Fudan

University in 2009

Prof. Jiang Ming making a presentation on the

43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress, 2010

1st International Conference of Molecular Engineering of Polymers (MEP-2016) was hosted by the Sta

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