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Prof. Jiandong Ding Group revealed the differentiation rule of stem cells through Materials Technology

The differentiation of stem cells is a very complicated academic problem that has caused much attention around the world. There are many factors to influence the differentiation of stem cells. They are often mutually affected by each other. So it may be difficult to get a clear conclusion. After years of exploration, Ding Group succeeded in controlling the differentiation of stem cells by a unique pattern on the polymer surface. Extracting some factors, some conclusions about the differentiation could be made.

It’s shown by their study that cell size (surface area) and cell contact both can influence the differentiation and these factors together constitute the foundation of the research that how planting density affect differentiation of stem cells.


The effect of culture conditions on the adipogenic and osteogenic inductions of mesenchymal stem cells on micropatterned surfaces

Rong Peng, Xiang Yao, Bin Cao, Jian Tang, and Jiandong Ding*, Biomaterials, 33, 6008-6019 (2012) (SCI Impact factor: 7.404)

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