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Prof. Ming Jiang and Guosong Chen won the 6thFengXinde PolymerPrize.

Prof. Ming Jiang and Guosong Chen won the 6th Feng Xinde Polymer Prize. This prize is awarded annually to the corresponding authors who have published an excellent paper in Polymer last year. The article entitled “Does PNIPAM really retard the micelle-to-vesicle transition of its copolymer?” triumphed over more than 200 papers and was rated as the best article. Prof. Chen participated the prize presentation some days ago and gave a report about this paper.
This paper studied the thermo-induced micelle-vesica transformation of block copolymers with PNIPAM chain. The authors questioned the viewpoint proposed in JACS, realized the rapid transformation and came up with new transformation mechanism.
Feng Xinde Polymer Prize started from 2006, in memory of Mr. Feng Xinde, the famous chemist, educationist and the academician of Chinese academy of sciences.

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