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Polymer Condensed Matter Physics

[Yuliang Yang Group]           [Feng Qiu-Weihua Li-Juan Peng Group]          [Ping Tang Group]


Self-assembly of Macromolecules

[Ming Jiang-Daoyong Chen-Ping Yao-Guosong Chen Group]                       [Daoyong Chen Group]          

[Guosong Chen- Ming Jiang Group]           [Ping Yao Group]                         [Qiang Yan Group]


Biomacromolecules and Tissue Engineering

[Zhengzhong Shao-Xin Chen Group]           [Jiandong Ding Group]           [Ping Zhou Group]


Functional Polymers Materials

[Changchun Wang Group]                  [Wuli Yang Group]                [Jianhua Hu Group]          

[Hai Deng Group]                                [Yuxi Xu Group]                    [Liangliang Zhu Group]          

[Donglin Jiang group]


Polymer Synthesis and Structure Design

[Junpo He Group]                          [Guowei Wang Group]                            [Mao Chen Group]                

[Xiangcheng Pan Group]                [Peiyi Wu Group]                                    [Tongsheng Li Group]

[Xiuyuan Ni Group]                        [Jiachun Feng Group]                              [Hongbin Lu Group]

[Yingfeng Yu Group]                      [Weizhi Wang Group]                             [Haitao Wang Group]                 


Energy Materials and Devices

[Huisheng Peng Group]                [Dacheng Wei Group]

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