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  • Research Area 1: Polymer Condensed Matter Physics +

    We have developed a novel Industry-University-Research mode to solve the problems with major significance for China based on the basic research on polymer condensed matter physics and through cooperation with industry. The high performance of several commodity polymers such as PE and PP has been successfully realized by this mode. 

  • Research Area 2: Self-assembly of Macromolecules +

    This research area stems from the deep interpenetration of polymer science and supramolecular chemistry, which is based on the new strategy for macromolecular self-assembly leading to “Non-Convalently Connected Micelles” proposed by Prof. JIANG. In recently years, the team members have expanded their research to life science actively.






    Proposed the new concepts of "deprotection reaction

    driven macromolecular self-assembly" and "protein

    self-assembly induced by carbohydrate-protein interaction"


  • Research area 3: Biomacromolecule and Tissue Engineering +

    This research area includes design, synthesis and unique biomedical applications of injectable thermogels, biodegradable polyester polymers for tissue engineering and tissue induction, and apolications of natural biomacromolecules with silk as a representative.

    Drug delivery systems Structure, properties and various applications of natural biomacromolecules The effective hypoglycemic components extractedfrom G. lucidum etc


  • Research Area 4: Functional Polymers Materials +

    This research area includes designing and synthesizing a series of functional polymer materials such as conducting polymers and magnetic composite microspheres etc. We constructed a series of functional porous organic polymers with various topological structures and versatile forms such as colloids, films and gels for use in heterogeneous catalysis, optical sensing, fluorescence imaging and photothermal therapy.

  • Research Area 5: Polymer Synthesis and Structure Design +

    This research area includes the study on new polymerization methods and structure design of polymers, study on structure characterization of polymers,the relationship between the structure and properties of polymers, and the application of new polymer materials.

    Precise synthesis of polymers by living polymerization & morphologies of single molecule or aggregates


    Developed series of synthetic route to complex polymers based on the living/controlled polymerization mechanisms


    Multiscale structure-property relationship of semicrystalline
    polymer and various composites
    Various functional polymer-based materials


  • Research Area 6: Energy Materials and Devices +

    Developing a novel family of flexible energy and electronic devices, particularly, fiber-shaped energy harvesting and storage devices and polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells, and opening up a new direction in the application of functional and smart polymers.

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